Knowledge Base: Excel Tutorials

Excel is central to almost everything you do in investment banking, corporate finance, private equity, corporate development, and many hedge fund roles.

Put simply, Excel is a simplified and more accessible programming language that bridges the gap between highly technical users and less-technical users.

Executives with no technical skills can understand it, but financial modelers with advanced formula and coding knowledge can also use it effectively.

If you’re new to Excel, you should start by learning the key shortcuts for navigation and formatting and then move onto formulas for key financial functions, such as calculating the IRR and NPV.

If you have intermediate or advanced skills, focus on newer additions, such as XLOOKUP and XMATCH, all the data analysis tools (Power BI, Power Query, etc.), dynamic charts, and VBA and other automation tools.

We cover all these topics in our Excel & VBA course.

Below, we present several tutorials and samples from the full course on these concepts: