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Breaking Into Wall Street Quizzes and Certifications

"The Industry's Most Rigorous Testing Provides the Industry's Most Valuable Certification"

Breaking Into Wall Street has established and maintained its strong reputation by providing the highest level of comprehensive ‘real world’ training for current and prospective finance industry professionals.

The certification for each course requires each student to pass a rigorous examination with a 90% passing score. Unlike most other training companies, we provide complete transparency by showing you exactly what’s on our exams and what students must master to receive the certification.

Academic integrity is the foundation of Breaking Into Wall Street. Students must know they have invested in training that will help them secure positions in the industry – and then perform at a high level.

Employers must also know the training from Breaking Into Wall Street is rigorous and that graduates have a deep and practical knowledge of the course material.

  • Students must achieve a 90% passing score.

  • The exams test conceptual knowledge and require "outside the box" thinking - so students can tackle complex transactions and research in the actual workplace environment with minimal supervision.

  • Automatic self-testing reinforces the material and highlights the areas the student needs to review.

  • Grading is automated, so results are provided instantly.

  • The exams are rigorous, and very few students pass them the first time around. Sample exams are available below.

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What Students and Professionals Are Saying About Our Financial Modeling Courses...

“I moved from being a tax accountant/lawyer with a Big 4 accounting firm to now working in the investments team of a PE fund. This would not have been possible without the core grounding I got from your practical courses in financial modeling.”

“I have learned more about the technicalities of the industry through these lessons than 1. being a finance major at a reputable college, and 2. having an internship with a boutique investment bank.”

“Thanks to This Course, I Was Able to Beat Out 200 Other Applicants, Many of Whom Had MBA Degrees, Solely with My Undergrad Degree and My Ability to Model and Speak Intelligently About Real Estate Investments.”