Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Discounts & Package Deals

1) Can you give me a discount?
In the interest of fairness to all customers, we do not offer discounts on standalone courses.

However, there are package deals available and once you sign up for one course you will receive a $50 members-only discount on all the other courses.

The BIWS Premium package already reflects an even greater discount, so the price you see listed is the best available and nothing changes once you sign up (other than reduced prices on the Advanced Modeling and Excel & Financial Modeling Fundamentals courses if you buy them separately).
2) Why do you not offer discounts?
It’s not fair to the 22,981+ customers who have already signed up at published rates.

Again, package deals are available (see below) but we have to be strict on prices for standalone, individual courses.

For more, please see our BIWS coupons and discounts page to review the different options.
3) What package deals are available?
4) How can I access the discounted rates for other courses if I'm already a member of one course?
Once you sign up and have logged into the site, click on "Courses" and you will be directed to the discounted sign-up page.

You get $50 off the price of each course if you're already a member of the site.

Again, the BIWS Premium package also already reflects an even greater discount so that is the best available price and it does not change once you become a member.
5) I saw that you offered a discount when one of your courses first launched – can you extend that discount to me?
No, for the same reasons mentioned above: it would not be fair to existing customers.

If you want to take advantage of special promotions or discounts in the future, you should sign up for our Banker Blueprint newsletter, where we frequently announce news of conferences, networking events, special offers, and more.
6) Do you offer volume discounts for group licenses or educational institutions?
Yes. For specific details, please email us with the details of your institution and how many students or employees will be using the program.