Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) vs. Wall Street Prep (WSP)

How Do Breaking Into Wall Street and Wall Street Prep Compare? And Which One Is Right For You?

Students and professionals often ask us how our Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) courses differ from those offered by other providers such as Wall Street Prep (WSP).

Both sets of courses cover some common ground, but there are also important differences that may make one program more appropriate for your needs.

This site is obviously the home of Breaking Into Wall Street, so we're not going to pretend as if this is a 100% fair, unbiased comparison. That said, we're also not going to insult your intelligence by setting up a series of straw-man criteria where we always win.

We firmly believe our courses are better, but we also don't "win" in every single category. Here are the key points of difference as we see them:

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BIWS Premium

Premium Package

Teaches Investment Analysis for Private Equity and Hedge Fund Roles (In addition to modeling for Investment Banking):
Global Case Studies:
Yes; North American, European, Asian, and Australian companies covered
Completion Time:
About 2-3 months at 1-2 hours per day
Updates and Support:
Lifetime access and updates; 24 months of support
Access and update terms unclear; 24 months of support
Bonus Case Studies:
Dozens of practice case studies
Practice Quizzes:
Yes, with hundreds of questions
Private Company and Equity and Debt Analysis (ECM, DCM, and Leveraged Finance):
Yes; Two full case studies (Kakao / Daum and Netflix)
Not in the main package - only available in a separate course
Excel Macros Included:
Yes (Custom BIWS macro package)
Yes (Macabacus plugin)
Money-Back Guarantee:
90-Day, No Questions Asked
30 days; 15% restocking fee may apply
Used by Firms, Business Schools, and Universities:
In-Person Training:

So, Which Course is Right for You?

If you want in-person / classroom training, or you really want to use the Macabacus plugin, go with WSP.

But if you care the most about how to use financial modeling in real life to make investment recommendations, advise clients, and complete case studies and modeling tests, BIWS wins.

But instead of taking our word for it, why not see for yourself in a risk-free environment?

We offer the most generous money-back guarantee available on the market: You have 90 days to try any of our courses, and if you're not satisfied, you can request a full refund for ANY reason.

We also give away a huge amount of free content to sample before you invest in anything, so check out our YouTube channel with 100+ free videos or our free financial modeling tutorial series first.

And when you're ready to sign up, click the button below to get started: