Advanced Financial Modeling

How to Master Advanced Financial Modeling Skills and Leap Ahead of Your Class - Before You Even Set Foot on the Job

BIWS Advanced Financial Modeling Is a Fast-Track Course in Financial Modeling... as it is Performed in Real-Life, Every Day at Investment Banks, Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms

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Discover practical financial modeling skills based on real companies and deals

Are you looking for a way to learn or upgrade your financial modeling skills, but don't know where to turn?

Advanced Financial Modeling from Breaking Into Wall Street teaches you how investment bankers model and value real companies in real life.

It allows you to master advanced financial modeling skills, without rocket-science math and without hundreds of hours of boring academic study, by completing:

  • A detailed operating model with revenue and expense projections by business segment
  • A full valuation using 9 different methodologies
  • An advanced merger model that combines all 3 statements
  • An advanced LBO model with support for 7 tranches of debt

What Sets This Course Apart
From Everything Else On The Market?

First, the Advanced Financial Modeling course is NOT simply academic theory. It's based on a real-life case study of Microsoft's attempted $44 billion acquisition of Yahoo, so we take the same approach to learning that Harvard Business School does: case studies.

And it's the most user-friendly and time-effective way to learn these advanced financial modeling skills - here's what's in it for you:

  • Dominate Your Interviews. You'll learn concepts here that go beyond what you do on the job every day - master those, and normal interview questions will be a joke. Whether you're preparing for interviews in investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, or anything else, you're covered.
  • Prepare for IB and PE Case Studies. Everything is based on case studies of real deals - primarily Microsoft's proposed $44B acquisition of Yahoo! - and we include several additional case studies on the $3B TPG / J Crew deal, the $5B ConAgra / Ralcorp bid, and Intel's $8B acquisition of McAfee. You'll know exactly what interviewers are looking for in case studies, and how to set up your models and answer questions successfully.
  • Learn by Watching with Video-Based Training. There's no substitute for watching a pro go through everything in Excel, so that's exactly what you get here. But sometimes you also want it in writing, so you'll also get quick reference guide PDFs for topics like Stock vs. Asset vs. 338(h)(10) deals and key formulas in transactional models.
  • Test Your Knowledge with Practice Exercises. You'll get "Before" and "After" Excel files for each lesson - follow along with the lesson, and then check your answers afterward.
  • Track Your Progress and Take Notes. You can check off each lesson as you move through the material, and take notes on everything - you can come back whenever you want, to refresh yourself on whatever you want.
  • Course Certifications. After completing the course material, you’ll be eligible to take our Certification Quiz. Once you pass the quiz, you’ll receive a Certificate that you can add to your resume / CV and refer to in interviews.
  • Learn Advanced Nuances of Accounting, Valuation, and Merger and LBO Models. We go in-depth into topics like Non controlling Interests and Equity Investments, different Depreciation methods and book vs. cash taxes, non-recurring charges and calendarization, and "industrial-strength" merger and LBO models. After you master these topics, you'll be in the top 1% of your class and you'll be well-positioned for bonuses, exit opportunities, and more.
  • Learn How to Use Equity Research and Filings. Always know where to find everything - you'll learn how to adjust for non-recurring charges, how to look up numbers in equity research, and how to complete valuations even when information is scarce (with acquisitions of private companies, for example).
  • Get All Your Questions Answered. You'll get world-class support - experienced bankers will answer your questions, comments, and emails 365 days per year, for a full 24 months after purchase.

What You Get - And What the Advanced
Financial Modeling Course Will Do for You...

Here's what's included in the Advanced Financial Modeling course:

  • 100 training videos total (36 hours of footage).
  • Lessons cover advanced operating models, valuations based on SEC filings and equity research, complex merger models, advanced LBO models, and pitch books and deal commentary.
  • Operating Model lessons teach you how to create a detailed 3-statement model, including revenue and expenses by segment, Noncontrolling Interests and Equity Investments, PP&E schedules, deferred taxes, and quarterly projections.
  • Valuation lessons cover how to spread comps, adjust for non-recurring charges, calendarize financials, how to value NOLs and equity investments, and how to complete a DCF analysis with mid-year discounts and stub periods; you'll also learn future share price analysis, sum-of-the-parts valuation, and liquidation valuation.
  • Advanced Merger Model coverage teaches you how to combine all 3 statements, create multiple scenarios, build an advanced purchase price allocation schedule that supports stock vs. asset vs. 338(h)(10) deals, calculate revenue and expense synergies by business segment, and factor in book vs. cash taxes and Section 382 NOLs.
  • Advanced LBO Model lessons show you how to modify an operating model to make it into an LBO model, and how to build in support for 7 debt tranches, multiple capital structure scenarios, and an advanced debt schedule with customizable repayment terms.
  • You'll also get a sample pitch book and PowerPoint tips as well as commentary on the deal itself.
  • You receive instant access when you sign up because everything is delivered online - no shipping charges or physical products to worry about.
  • Free lifetime updates, and expert support for 24 months.
  • Bonus Case Studies: In addition to everything above, we include several additional case studies on other deals (full list at the bottom): TPG's $3B leveraged buyout of J Crew, ConAgra's $5B bid for Ralcorp, and Intel's $8B acquisition of McAfee. These are excellent practice for the real case studies you'll get in private equity, hedge fund, and investment banking interviews - and they're yours, free, when you sign up.

The information you'll find is so detailed and so thorough that our regular customers come from top-ranked universities, business schools, investment banks, and private equity firms.

Once you've completed the training, here's what you'll have on your resume/CV...

Breaking Into Wall Street Financial Modeling Training

  • Completed advanced operating model, valuation, DCF, and merger and LBO models based on 36-hour long case study of Microsoft's proposed $44 billion acquisition of Yahoo
  • Used SEC filings and equity research as basis for models and learned how to adjust numbers and make appropriate assumptions
  • Completed bonus case study on TPG's $3 billion leveraged buyout (LBO) of J Crew, and determined assumptions required for IRR to exceed 15%
  • Received Advanced Modeling course certification by passing end-of-course quiz with score of at least 90%

And you can add more bullet points to focus on whatever you want to highlight in interviews - whether that's how you built revenue and expense projections, all the adjustments you had to make when completing the valuation, or the advanced features you built into the merger and LBO models, such as support for different transaction types and capital structures.

You can also print out the models from the Advanced Modeling course - we even have a lesson on how best to do it and what to discuss - and during interviews, you can describe exactly what you learned in the training.

Gain Official Recognition of Your Training With BIWS Certifications

After completing the course materials, you’ll be eligible to take our challenging Certification Quiz. Once you earn a score of at least 90%, you’ll be issued a personalized Certificate of Achievement with your name, the course name, and the date you passed the quiz:

Add your Certificate of Achievement to your resume/CV and/or present it in interviews to set yourself apart from other candidates.

We also make sure employers know that this is a serious qualification: Your certificate will contain a link where prospective employers can review what’s on our exams and what you must master to receive the certification.

Unlike other training companies that “issue certifications,” our process is completely transparent: you can literally point to the exact questions you had to answer to pass the quiz and become certified.

Once interviewers see you really do have the “chops” to be a banker, your chances of hiring success go way, WAY up.

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Access Your Training Instantly

The entire Breaking Into Wall Street course is delivered online - no deliveries to wait on and worry about, and you get instant access when you sign up. You also get FREE updates as they're released, as well as lifetime access to all the lessons.

Once your BIWS order is complete, you'll receive an email with login instructions - follow the simple instructions and you'll be able to access all the videos, Excel files, transcripts, and Quick Start Guides immediately.

Thousands of Customers Have Already Used Breaking Into Wall Street to Land High-Paying and Prestigious Job Offers

At last count, over 41,053+ students, entry-level professionals and career changers have used Breaking Into Wall Street to master modeling, win interviews, and break into high-paying jobs in investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, equity research, and more.

Take a look at what some of them have to say (these are actual unedited email screenshots… a few details have been blacked out to protect customers' privacy) below:

“I cannot [imagine] surviving that first round without having gone through this experience… Safe to say that my increase in salary after having broken in does quite a bit more than cover the cost of these two guides that I purchased.”

“The best thing about BIWS [that sets it] apart from [other] courses is you can ask them the most basic question and they will get back to you within a couple of hours. It could be any question – career advice / questions related to modeling / advice on [the] resume or cover letter and advice on your story.”

“It has been extremely helpful as I have seen improvements after each interview where there is some sort of financial modeling and accounting assessment.”

“I’m a CFA charterholder and in my personal opinion, BIWS has taught me 10x more useful skills for investment banking than the CFA curriculum did.”

“Your product is, by far, the best in the market. I tried a couple of competitors’ products as well when preparing for both IB and PE interviews (FOMO of those having the silver bullet I could not find in BIWS I guess…) and there simply is no comparison to the depth, quality, and usefulness of it.”

“Great news, I just got a full-time offer in IB J.P. Morgan in London!! Your courses have been absolutely key in achieving this.”

It’s All Here: Lessons, Exercises, Q&A,
Tracking, and More

UI screenshot

Here's a sample video from the Advanced
course so you can see for
yourself exactly what you'll get:

Here's The Full Run-Down Of Everything You Get In This Course

Here's what you receive in the 36 hours of modeling content (100 videos):

  • Advanced Operating Model Lessons teach you how to create a detailed 3-statement model, including revenue and expense builds, noncontrolling interests and equity investments, PP&E schedules, deferred taxes, and quarterly projections.
  • Advanced Valuation Lessons cover how to spread comps, adjust for non-recurring charges, calendarize financials, how to value NOLs and equity investments, and how to complete a DCF analysis including mid-year discounts and stub periods; you'll also learn future share price analysis, sum-of-the-parts valuation, and liquidation valuation.
  • Advanced Merger Model teaches you multiple transaction scenarios, advanced purchase price allocation, how to calculate revenue and expense synergies by segment, and book vs. cash taxes and Section 382 NOLs.
  • Advanced LBO Model covers how to change an operating model into an LBO model and how to incorporate seven debt tranches and multiple capital structure scenarios, plus an advanced debt schedule with mandatory and optional repayments.
  • Full transcripts of all the video content, so you can locate and review key content quickly and easily.
  • Sample Pitch Book and PowerPoint lesson, including commentary on the deal.
  • Instant Access when you sign up because everything is delivered online - no shipping charges or trips to the post office.
  • Free Lifetime Updates and Expert Support.
  • And much, much more.

To get all the details, take a look at the course outlines below.

NOTE: These outlines also include descriptions of the Excel & Financial Modeling Fundamentals courses, which are NOT part of this package. Please refer to JUST the Advanced Modeling Course section to see exactly what's included in THIS course.

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Plus Expert Support from Current and Former Investment Bankers

When you enroll in the BIWS Advanced Financial Modeling course, you'll receive Instant Access to the entire contents and our online membership area.

Everything is delivered online, so there's no waiting for materials to arrive by mail.

You can even download any of the videos or other resources to your preferred device, so you can learn whenever and wherever you like.

But that's not the best part…

The best feature is 365-day-per-year expert support, for a full 24 months after purchase wherever and whenever you need it.

So if there's anything at all you don't understand, or anything you need to clarify, just go to the "Question / Comment" area below each and every lesson, and ask your question.

These comments are monitored and responded to by our expert support team - every one of whom has personal experience working on deals at banks, private equity firms, and other finance firms.

So you'll actually get responses from people with deep experience in the field - even if it's Christmas Day and you're in need of a response for a pitch book or case study due the next day.

To be clear, there are some limitations to our support policy.

For example, we cannot complete homework assignments for you, build models for you, or write case study memos or presentations for you.

However, specific questions on the course content and general career-related questions are covered by our support.

What's Your Investment in the BIWS
Advanced Financial Modeling Course?

To put this in context, let's look at the ROI on this course first...

Although the pay for entry-level investment banking jobs varies from year to year, it's safe to say you'll make at least $140,000 - $160,000 USD as an analyst right out of university.

At the MBA level, that climbs to $200,000 - $250,000 USD. And once you start moving higher up the ladder, those numbers only increase.

On the private equity and hedge fund side, 2-year investment banking analysts often start at $200,000 - $250,000 USD total compensation, and it only goes up from there.

Compared to the potential upside, your investment really is nominal.

In fact, the entire Advanced Financial Modeling program (including ALL of the valuable content, training, and support detailed above) is just $347.

In other words, by investing just $347 in this course, you're setting yourself up for a job that pays $140,000 - $160,000 in Year 1 - that's a 403x Return on Investment!

Even if we're super-conservative and we assume that this program only increases your chances by 10%, that's still an ROI in excess of 40x for you.

And even if you only use the training to land an internship, you're still looking at a minimum of $10,000 USD at a large bank - again, an ROI of 40x.

This course is also not a "use it once and you're done" type of product - many of our customers go on to use it for years to come and refer back to it whenever they need to review, prepare for an interview, or learn something on the job.

So whichever way you look at it, this is a great deal.

Now, if I were a banker valuing a company that was "out-performing" its competitors, I might say that it should be valued at a premium.

I could have just said, "Well, this program is a lot better than anything else out there, so it should be the most expensive on the market."


I'd much rather offer this program at an irresistible price… and put it within reach of anyone at all who is serious about breaking into and advancing within the finance industry.

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Just 1 Payment of $347
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Our 90-Day, No-Questions-Asked Money-Back
Guarantee Means You Take No Risk

And just in case you're not absolutely convinced Advanced Financial Modeling is for you, let me remove any last shred of risk: you're completely covered by our unconditional 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

There is absolutely no risk to you, and there never will be - take 90 days to evaluate everything, and if you're not 100% satisfied, just ask for your money back.

And let’s make it even easier for you to try
BIWS Advanced Modeling today:

You Also Get 7 Bonus Case Studies Based On
Real Valuations, Stock Pitches, and M&A and LBO Deals.A $400 Value - Yours Completely Free.

Many students and professionals find that they learn most quickly with real life practice case studies. So we've made it even easier for you to practice to your heart's content with these 8 bonus case studies.

These case studies represent close to an additional 10 hours of video in total - equivalent to another entire course.

Each case study comes with full transcripts, Excel files, slides/Word documents and comprehensive model answers.

What better way to prepare for roles in investment banking, hedge funds, private equity, equity research, asset management, and corporate finance than to get practice modeling real companies, real deals, and real scenarios?

Here Are the 7 Bonus Case Studies You’ll Find Inside:

Let's quickly recap what you're getting here:

The next move is up to you.

You can hope that you have what it takes to excel in advanced interviews and to out-perform everyone else on the job - even people who have tons of finance experience - good luck to you there…

Or you can confidently tell banks you've invested in 36 hours of advanced financial modeling and training based on real case studies, authored by experienced investment bankers who have worked on dozens of deals.

And you can print out everything you've done, explain it coherently, and show how you've invested in the most comprehensive advanced financial modeling training package around.

I know you'll make the right choice.

Click here now to gain instant access to BIWS Advanced Financial Modeling and fast-track your finance career.

To YOUR success,

Brian DeChesare
Breaking Into Wall Street Founder

P.S. If you are looking to gain an edge in your interviews, during your summer internship, or even during your first few years in IB, PE, or hedge funds, this course will give you that edge.

It gives you everything you need to master the technical skills of the job without spending 3 years as an Analyst or Associate first.

And to top it all off, this course comes with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for a full 90 days. There is nothing to lose and a stellar career to gain. Sign up now, and I’ll see you on the other side.

P.P.S. We've made SIX sample videos from the full course available below. Click the links below to check out some of the more popular lessons and get a feel for what you'll learn in the course.

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