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I understand that BIWS Premium will provide me with everything I need to reach the highest levels of Excel/VBA, PowerPoint, and financial modeling knowledge through fast-paced video training, case studies, and detailed written guides.

I also understand that BIWS Premium will let me master real-world techniques that will give me a significantly better chance of landing prime jobs and internships with the top investment banks, private equity firms, and hedge funds.

Although the three courses within BIWS Premium normally sell for $691 separately, I can get all three for just $497 – a savings of $194, or a 28% discount.

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Option 2: Upgrade To BIWS Platinum and Get All Our Courses for a 47%+ Discount

With BIWS Platinum, you get all our financial modeling, career, and interview prep courses in one package for nearly 50% off the normal price (or 80%+ off with the annual plan)

BIWS Platinum takes you from beginner-level skills up through advanced strategies and tactics, and it positions you to develop a unique and specialized skill set.

  • The IB Interview Guide and IB Networking Toolkit give you a proven process for winning interviews and job offers.
  • The Excel and PowerPoint courses get you up to speed with the key skills required for case studies, internships, and full-time jobs.
  • The Financial Modeling courses (Core and Advanced) teach you accounting, valuation, and financial modeling for M&A and LBO deals – critical for the job itself and for proving your knowledge in the first place.
  • The Industry-Specific courses help you stand out with detailed knowledge of areas like venture capital, growth equity, banks (FIG), real estate, infrastructure, and more.
  • Investment Banking Networking Toolkit (Value $147)
  • Investment Banking Interview Guide (Value $197)
  • Excel & VBA (Value $197)
  • Core Financial Modeling(Value $297)
  • PowerPoint Pro (Value $197)
  • Project Finance & Infrastructure Modeling (Value $247)
  • Venture Capital & Growth Equity Modeling (Value $247)
  • Advanced Financial Modeling (Value $297)
  • Real Estate Modeling (Value $247)
  • REIT Modeling (Value $247)
  • Bank & Financial Institution Modeling (Value $497)

Each course includes professional support, free updates, and the only 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee in the industry.

  • Professional Support
  • Free Updates
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Purchased separately, you would pay $2,817 for this package. But you can save $1,320 today (a 47% discount) by investing in BIWS Platinum for just $1,497 or save even more with the annual plan for $497 / year.

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