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If you’ve been thinking about signing up for our Excel & VBA or Core Financial Modeling courses, this is the package for you. It combines these two courses and gives you study plans for “quick interview prep” as well as more comprehensive options for long-term practical mastery. Plus, you save $97 with this bundle.

Usually, it takes years to master everything in this package: Excel shortcuts, formulas, formatting, graphs, data analysis, VBA, macros, and more… and everything from accounting to 3-statement modeling to valuation and DCF analysis to merger models and leveraged buyout models.

But “learning the concepts” is not the hard part.

The hard part is understanding how to apply the concepts in real life to companies’ financial statements, deal documents, and investor presentations.

For example, if you get a 200-page annual filing from one company, which parts are relevant for your model?

What’s the most efficient way to gather and analyze the data, and which parts can you safely ignore?

And can you automate parts of this process using Excel shortcuts, formulas, VBA, and macros?

Once you’re done with your model, what does it mean in real life?

Should you invest in the company or avoid it? Should the company sell itself, make an acquisition, raise capital, or keep growing organically?

These are the questions you work through on the job all the time, and they’re also some of the most common scenarios in interviews and case studies.

And there’s no other package or training on the market that teaches you how to approach them from A to Z, while “trimming the fat” of unnecessary theory.

Put simply, these skills are the difference between high-paying, front-office roles at finance firms with clear advancement paths and back and middle-office roles that are… “somewhat less desirable,” let’s say.

You’ll gain these skills via 10+ real-life case studies involving companies such as Walmart, Monster Beverage, and Netflix.

By the end, you’ll be able to:

  • Set up Excel-based models and format them efficiently.
  • Enter the key functions and formulas, build graphs and charts, and analyze data using tools like pivot tables.
  • Automate elements of the formatting and graphing processes in Excel.
  • Explain the 3 financial statements and the key accounting links in-depth.
  • Create your own 3-statement models for companies in different industries.
  • Value companies using the discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, comparable public companies, precedent transactions, and more.
  • Analyze mergers and acquisitions using merger models and related methods, such as contribution analysis and value creation analysis.
  • Build leveraged buyout (LBO) models and complete private equity case studies efficiently.
  • Make investment recommendations and deal/process recommendations to clients.

If you want to gain the skills and experience to make your resume jump to the top of the “interview” stack, answer interview questions and case studies with ease, and leap up the ladder once you start working, this is the bundle for you.

Brian DeChesare

Brian DeChesare
Founder, Breaking Into Wall Street

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up for This Combo Package

Course #1: Excel & VBA


WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: These lessons give you a crash course in the Excel and VBA skills that you’ll use to model and value companies and analyze transactions

Master Excel, and you’ll be well ahead of the competition before you even step into the office on the first day of the job.

You’ll learn everything from core Excel shortcuts, navigation, and formatting up through formulas, graphing, and data analysis, and how to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to automate your workflow and save time on the most common tasks – so you leave the office earlier and get a higher bonus.

You’ll learn the ropes with two case studies, one based on a valuation of Walmart and one based on a customer due diligence analysis in a deal, and you’ll super-charge your productivity with our custom BIWS Macros package and Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) – plus, you’ll get detailed written guides and quiz questions so you can test yourself on everything.

Excel is the core skill required in virtually all front-office finance roles, and you’ll be well ahead of the curve after completing this course.

Course #2: Core Financial Modeling


WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: This course helps you master foundational accounting, valuation, and financial modeling skills that you’ll use in investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, equity research, and other fields

In this course, you’ll learn accounting, valuation, and financial modeling from the ground up with 10+ real-life case studies from around the world, including: Monster Beverage, Stadler Rail (Switzerland), Coles (Australia), Vivendi (France), Steel Dynamics, NichiiGakkan (Japan), the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, and Netflix.

These case studies are geared toward interview prep, modeling tests, and case-study evaluations in interviews. Rather than memorizing hundreds of repetitive questions, you’ll learn the concepts so that you can answer questions easily by referencing your thought process.

These are the fundamental skills you’ll need in in any sector in the finance industry – and you’ll be ahead of the game by mastering them before you start working.

Each topic has an introductory and “more advanced” version, so you can pick and choose the lessons that are most appropriate for your skill level and time requirements.

Plus… The Entire Package Comes With The Following
Valuable Tools To Accelerate Your Learning:

  • FULL Subtitles/Captions and Transcripts

  • 365-Day-per-Year Q&A

  • Cheat Sheets and Written Guides

  • Free Updates

  • Watchable on ANY Device

  • Expert Support

  • Quizzes and Certifications

…and Our Legendary, 90-Day
No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

Take a full 90 days to review the Excel & Financial Modeling package and make certain it’s everything we promise.

You do not have to finish everything in that time – think of it as your “trial period.”

If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, simply ask for your money back, and we’ll issue a prompt refund – no questions asked.

Just moments after you enroll, you’ll gain Instant Access to the Excel & Financial Modeling package.

Everything is digital, so you’ll be able to log in and start completing lessons right away.

But that’s not the best part.

The best part is expert support, for a full 5 years after purchase!

If there’s anything at all that you don’t understand, just go to the “Question/Comment” area below each and every lesson, and ask your question there.

These comments are monitored and responded to by our expert support team – every one of whom has personal experience working on deals at investment banks, private equity firms, and other finance firms.

That ensures that you’ll get responses from people with deep experience in the field – not a clueless high school temp clutching the “Help Desk” manual.

This personalized, expert support is one of the things that sets Breaking Into Wall Street apart and gets you to your goals faster.

You can often learn just as much from reading other customers’ questions and our responses, as you will from the lessons themselves!

Our 1-on-1 coaching rate is $200+ per hour. But when you invest in the Excel & Financial Modeling package, personal support is included for FREE.

NOTE: There are some limitations to these support services. For example, we cannot complete models, case studies, or homework assignments for you.

We also cannot provide play-by-play support with an earpiece during interviews.

Finally, we cannot answer questions about topics not covered in these courses, such as sales & trading interview questions or coding/programming interview questions.

We’re happy to answer career-related, qualitative, and technical questions that are related to the course materials.


What’s Your Investment In This Excel & Financial Modeling Combo Package?

To put this in context, let’s look at your Return on Investment in this course package…

The pay for entry-level investment banking jobs varies from year to year, but it’s safe to say that even entry-level Analysts earn at least $150,000 USD right out of university (and often closer to $200,000, depending on the firm and region).

At the MBA level, that climbs to $300,000 to $400,000 USD. And as you progress, your total compensation only gets higher and higher; top bankers earn 7 figures annually. And every top banker had to start at the entry level and get their foot in the door, just like you today.

Compared with the potential upside, your investment is nominal:

Your investment in the full Excel & Financial Modeling package (including ALL of the valuable content and training detailed above) is just $397.

So, in other words, by investing just $397 in this course, you’re greatly improving your chances of landing a job that pays upwards of $150,000 in Year 1 – that’s more than a 377x return on investment!

Even if this training only helps you to land an internship, it’s still at least $15,000 for that internship at a large bank – an ROI of 38x.

There is simply no other way to get this level of training… this level of on-demand support… this level of testing and certification… and this level of access to a community of thousands of peers…

…at ANY price!

So yes, you have to invest in yourself to gain access to this training in Excel, VBA, and financial modeling, but that investment will be one of the smartest, highest-return investments you ever make – we guarantee it!

We’ve bent over backwards to deliver the best, most comprehensive program on the market that gives you everything you need to land a great job and start a long-term career in investment banking, private equity, or hedge funds.

To date, over 48,569+ people have invested in BIWS training and gone on to secure lucrative jobs in the industry. I want you to be next, and I want to make this a “no-brainer” decision for you.

You’re Also 100% Protected By Our Unique
90-Day, No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee

Since I want to make this a “no-brainer” decision for you, the Excel & Financial Modeling package comes with the same iron-clad guarantee that we offer on ALL our courses:

You have 90 days to evaluate the course material and see if it’s right for you.

There is a lot in here, and we don’t expect you to finish in that time (since this package is designed to benefit you for many years) – but you can take a few months to evaluate whether it’s right for you.

If you decide at any point during those 90 days that Excel & Financial Modeling doesn’t meet your expectations, simply request a refund.

We either perform for you, or you get your money back – that’s how it always should be.


Here’s What Will Happen Within a Few Short Moments of You Joining the BIWS Excel & Financial Modeling Course

The minute you join, you’ll have access to the complete Excel & VBA and Core Financial Modeling courses, including 19 modules of instructional videos, 234 separate lessons, detailed written guides, transcripts and subtitles, “Before” and “After” Excel files, and 10+ global case studies.

And the best part: We’ll be here to guide you every step of the way because your enrollment comes with a full 5 years of expert support. If there’s something you don’t understand, just go to the “Question/Comment” area below every lesson and ask your question, and we’ll respond with a detailed answer.

On top of that, you’ll also get access to free updates over time.

Decision and Action Time

Of course, there are other options for learning this material.

For example, you could visit generalist “e-learning” sites and buy generic $10 or $20 Excel courses, or you could pore through long books and textbooks written by accounting professors who have never worked on M&A deals before.

Or, you could try to “wing it” and learn everything on the job by pestering the senior bankers with a metric ton of questions.

But if you want to master Excel, VBA, and financial modeling specifically as they are used in the finance industry, dominate your interviews, and hit the ground running on day 1 of your internship or full-time job, this training is your best option.

Yes, it’s more of an investment than a generalist book, an online “course” created by several monkeys, or some AI-generated “tutorials,” but ask yourself about the value of your time and interview opportunities.

If you win an interview for one of the limited investment banking roles at Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley, do you want to “wing it”? Or do you want to ensure that you’ve prepared in the most comprehensive way possible?

If you’re serious about your future career in the finance industry, you should not even have to think about this one.

And if you have any doubts, it’s all backed by our no-questions-asked, no-hassle, 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

In fact, the ONLY risk is that you might apply for a job or walk into an interview without these courses – and lose out to another candidate who has finished them.

The next move is up to you.

You can hope that an investment bank hires you without the Excel, accounting, valuation, and financial modeling skills. Good luck with that!

Or you can confidently tell banks you’ve completed the most advanced Excel and financial modeling training based on 10+ global case studies, authored by experienced investment bankers who have collectively worked on dozens of deals.

I know you’ll make the right choice.

click here to get excel & financial modeling
Just 1 Payment of $397
(100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee)

To YOUR success,

Brian DeChesare
Breaking Into Wall Street Founder

P.S. Remember that you have NOTHING to lose and nearly unlimited upside – your future career in a high-paying industry – to gain. You have a full 90 days to evaluate the program and return it for a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

Of course, it’s much more likely that you’ll be writing in to thank me in the future – just like so many others have. Here’s what some of our BIWS students have said about their experiences:

“I used your course to build up my financial skills and then wrote my own research and financial model on Ryanair. I sent this off to a VC, who hired me soon after. I was then transferred to a hedge fund, where I find myself working now – applying the skills you have taught me.”

"I have learned more about the technicalities of the industry through these lessons than 1. being a finance major at a reputable college, and 2. having an internship with a boutique investment bank."

"For me they are two extraordinary programs, very well thought out, with a great level of detail and explanations and with video, Excel and pdf support."

"Breaking Into Wall Street was a game changer for me. It was the first modeling platform I came across where the founder and team thoroughly knew what they were doing because they had been in private equity or hedge funds before."

"I recently received an offer from one of the top valuation groups in London and couldn't have done it without your course."

"I would recommend the Financial Modeling Course to any novice interested in valuation or finance."