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BIWS Course & Price Changes Set for July 1, 2021

On July 1, 2021, the package deals and individual courses offered on this site will change as follows:

  • We’re “retiring” the Oil & Gas Modeling course ($497) and removing it from the BIWS Platinum package.
    • There is very little interest in the energy sector currently, and this course sells the least of anything on the site. It was popular a decade ago during the fracking boom, but interest has declined significantly since then.
    • Also, it’s a relatively old course (especially the first half), and it would require at least a year of full-time work to revise and update. This time would be better spent on other projects, such as improving the more popular courses or developing new ones.
    • If you currently have access to this course, you will not be affected, as the course will still be available within the members’ area.
  • The Financial Modeling Mastery course, which is currently $297, will increase in price to $397.
    • Most of this course has been revamped, updated, and expanded over the past 1-2 years, and it is now the most in-depth financial modeling course available anywhere. The current price does not reflect these significant updates and additions.
    • There are several dozen case studies from companies in different geographies and industries, ranging from short, 30-minute exercises to week-long “take-home” modeling tests.
    • And more improvements are coming, as we will continue to streamline and improve the last few modules of the course this year.
  • The IB Networking Toolkit, which is currently $97, will increase in price to $147.
    • This course is currently being revamped, and the most significant updates and changes will be available by July 1 (the overview module and the lessons about informational interviews are already available).
    • The new version will better align with the current recruiting environment and cover the main networking strategies (informational interviews, cold emails, and cold calls) in far more detail, with dozens of new templates and tutorials.
  • As a result of these changes, several package prices will change on July 1 as well. Here’s a summary:
    • IB Networking Toolkit: Increasing from $97 to $147.
    • Financial Modeling Mastery: Increasing from $297 to $397.
    • BIWS Premium: Increasing from $497 to $597.
    • Oil & Gas Modeling: Being removed.
    • BIWS Platinum: Decreasing from $1497 to $1197 due to the removal of the Oil & Gas course.

Additionally, the prices of the industry-specific combo packages (Real Estate + Excel & VBA + Financial Modeling and Bank Modeling + Excel & VBA + Financial Modeling) will increase by $100 to reflect the changes above.

Why are we making these changes? The short answer is that we want to focus on the most popular courses on this site and keep improving them over the long term.

Some of our competitors have dozens of courses and tutorials, but we believe that simplicity is best: one financial modeling program to rule them all (just don’t tell Sauron).

We may introduce a new industry-specific modeling course in the future, but there are no guarantees, as it depends on the economics and overall interest levels.

If we introduce something new, it will most likely be a Project Finance & Infrastructure course (note that there’s no ETA, no timeline, and no firm plans for anything right now, so please do not ask).

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