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“My Knowledge Has Gone from Nothing to Being Able to Work Comfortably in My BB IBD Internship.”

“This Program Placed Me Notches Above My Competition.”

“Mr. DeChesare is Truly Out to Help, Not Just Make a Quick Buck. That’s the Kind of Person You Want to Deal With.”

“Your Approach and the Tips and Techniques Have Applications in Fields Outside of Straight M&A.”

“I Moved from Being a Tax Accountant/Lawyer With a Big 4 Accounting Firm to Now Working in the Investments Team of a PE Fund.”

“I Make Your Videos Mandatory Viewing for Any New Members I Bring onto the Fund.”

“Thanks in Large Part to Your O&G Specific Modules, I Managed to Obtain the Highest Score that Anybody Had Ever Achieved Since the Introduction of the Test.”

“Thanks Again for Providing Outstanding Resources.”

“It Was Very Informative and I Probably Learned More from It Than from Most of the Professors and Advisors at My School.”

“Your Ability to Synthesise Information & Your Constant Reinforcement of Key Concepts Throughout the Lessons is Extremely Helpful.”

“I Am Now Way More Productive at My Current Job.”

“Mergers and Inquisitions Was The Primary Reason I Landed an Offer at a Bulge Bracket Bank in Europe.”

“It’s the Best Investment I’ve Made So Far in My Life.”

“I Was Offered the Job! Thanks So Much for Your Help.”

“Your Interview Guides and Courses Have Been Indispensable During the Process.”

“Your Program is Great and I Am Learning Much More Quickly and Efficiently Than Expected.”

“Your Knowledge and Grip on the Topic is Superb and that Makes You an Excellent Teacher.”

“After All that Work I Landed an Offer from a Well-Known, Growing Middle Market Firm.”

“During My Interviews, When the Analysts Drill Me Down to the Hardest and the Most Tricky Questions, I Could Still Confidently Answer All of Them Right and Impress Them.”

“Your Interview Guide is Hands Down the Best Guide that I Have Used.”

“I Want to Thank You Very Much for Your Interview Guide as Well as Your Help When Needed. It Was Clearly Worth the Investment!”

“I Was Up Against It as Someone With Only 14 Months of Experience, But Five Interviews Later, I Landed an Offer.”

“I Bought the Interview Guide Sometime in December and I Have Managed to Land an Offer at Goldman Sachs IBD for the Summer.”

“My Success Rate Was Far Above That of My Fellow Classmates and I Attribute That to the Knowledge I Gained Through Your Programs.”

“The Hours Spent During the Christmas Break on Breaking Into Wall Street’s Website Have Been Extremely Rewarding.”

“I Have Gone From Having No Interviews to Having a Summer Analyst Offer at Morgan Stanley.”

“I Am Using Your Material to Stay Current and to Refine My Modeling and Understanding of Corporate Finance and Valuation.”

“We Know We’re Getting a Quality Product With Clear, Thorough Explanations Which Will Give Us the Upper Hand in Interviews”

“To My Knowledge, There is Not Another Program Out There That is Specific to Banks, and Covers All the Major Topics.”

“I Took Your Real Estate Valuation Course and it Really Set Me Apart from All the Other Candidates.”

“BIWS is Without a Doubt the Best Investment That I Made.”

“One Cannot Imagine How My Career Would Have Turned Out if We Had What You Guys are Now Providing.”

“They Have Been Extremely Helpful.”

“I Liked the Everyday Analagies Used to Explain More Complex Topics.”

“You Basically Pave a Path That Just Requires Effort on the Individuals End to Learn it and Execute Their Own Success on Landing an Interview and the Offer.”

“These Opportunities Really Represent a Dream Come True for Me, as There Definitely Was a Time at the Trough of My Academic Career I Thought None of This Could Be Possible.”

“I Signed Up for the Program Thinking I Might Not Get a Good ROI, But I Am Glad to Say That I Have Been Proven Wrong.”

“I Used to Think Technical Skills Were the Most Important to Get into the Industry. But I Was Wrong.”

“All Models are Comprehensive and Simple to Understand.”

“Brian Broke Down the Sessions into Easily Digestible Segments That Made the Learning Process Smooth and Well Paced.”

“BIWS Has Honestly Played a Very Important Transformational Role in My Career.”

“I Totally Impressed the Bosses By Throwing Out Key Terms in Financial Modeling I Learnt Through the Course.”

“If It Was Not for Breaking Into Wall Street I Would Not Be Where I am Today.”

“Its Been About a Month Now Since I Signed My Contract and it is Still Surreal to Me.”

“The Business Units and Finance Team Tend to be Optimistic in Their Budgets and Forecasts, So the Course Was Useful in Helping Me Create My Own Projections.”

“If You Want to Be Ranked as the Top Analyst, You Need the Modeling Skills That Even Internships Cannot Offer.”

“The Courses Offered by BIWS Are Excellent!”

“You Wouldn’t Believe How Many Times I’ve Sat in My Intro to Finance Class, Confused With the Way the Prof Was Explaining Things…”

“In a Matter of Weeks I Went from Knowing Zero Banking Technicals to Nailing All of My Interview Questions.”

“Your Product Offerings Get Me in Touch With the Real Practice in All Areas.”

“By a Long Shot, BIWS Far Exceeds the Competition.”

“The Only Thing I can Say is That This Program Works and is Worth the Money Ten Times Over.”

“So Far, the Course is Exactly What I Was Looking For.”

“I Think I Have Learned More Watching Your Videos Than Sitting in Class.”

“I Have Been Using the Interview Module as I Go Through Interviews and It Has Been Very Helpful.”

“I Got a FT Banking Offer This Morning.”

“Breaking Into Wall Street is Effing Amazing!”

“Your IB Question and Answers Materials Served as the Foundation for Telling My Story and Really Helped Me Feel Comfortable During the Entire Process.”

“I Am Super Excited About Landing the Job I’ve Always Wanted.”

“I Studied Your Website and Interview Guide Thoroughly and It Was a Tremendous Help.”

“Your Financial Modeling Courses Were Both a Great Way to Brush Up on Old Material and a Chance to Gain Serious Confidence in Areas Where I Felt Weak.”

“The Combination of the Videos, Plus the Spread Sheet Examples is Really Powerful.”

“I Find That This Site Has Been Really Valuable and Effective Both on the Job When I Need a Quick Refresher and During the Interview Process.”

“I Think I Learned More Doing the 20-Odd Hours of Videos Than I Have in the Past 18 Months at Uni!”

“This Purchase Was the Best Purchase I Ever Made.”

“I Blitzed the Interview and They Made Me an Offer on the Spot.”

“Thank You for Making All of This Knowledge Available to Those Who Are Willing to Put in the Work and Are ‘Hungry’ Enough to Do Something.”

“Because of Your Program, I Just Received an Offer in Citi IBD!”

“Thanks Largely in Part to Your Advice and Modeling Program I Was Able to Win an Offer from a BB in NYC.”

“Just Understanding Banking Culture Played a Huge Role in Landing This Offer and the BIWS Guide Covered the Majority of the Questions I Encountered During Interviews.”

“I Want to Share the Joy of My Success With Everyone Who Contributed, Including the Whole BIWS Team.”

“At My School This Level of Intricacy is Unheard of… You’re Making Me a Rockstar.”

“I Purchased the Interview Guide and it All Made Me Really Aware of What to Expect from IBD and Taught Me How to Perform on the Interviews!”

“The Interview Guide Allowed Me to Have an Impressive, Succinct Answer at the Tip of My Tongue.”

“Your Course Was Life Saving.”

“I Can Truly Say That Without Your Course it Wouldn’t Have Been Possible.”

“Now That I’ve Got My Offer, I’ll Tell My Friends About It (I Didn’t Want to Before to Spoil My Unfair Advantage I Had!)”

“The Structure of Your Self Study Distant Courses Are More Than Incredible.”

“I Found Your Course and Training Material to be an Excellent Addition to My Skill Set.”

“I Wish I Had Signed Up for BIWS Earlier.”

“Since Formatting My CV Using Your Proposed Template… I Have Been Headhunted for a Number of Roles Within Finance.”

“The Oil and Gas Modeling Course Was Detailed Enough to Cover Many Situations, Yet Simple Enough to Not Lose the User.”

“Your Videos Have Literally Changed My Life.”

With the Help of Your Guide, I’ve Already Got 2 M&A Boutique Internships Under My Belt and Next Summer I’ll Be With JPM IBD London for 12 Weeks Followed By 5 Weeks With Greenhill London.”

“I Received a BB IB Offer for Last Summer and Two for This Summer and I Consider Your Materials Have Contributed a Lot to My Career!”

“Every Question I Have Submitted Has Been Met With a Lightning Fast and Informative Response.”

“I Really Love the Way You Have Totally Demystified Finance.”

“For Those People Who Are Skeptical About the Program, Give it a Try. It Will Be One of the Best Investments You Will Ever Make in Your Life.”

“If You Want to Gain a Finance Foundation for Professional or Personal Interest at an Affordable Price, Get Breaking Into Wall Street.”

“I Learned More From Your Website Than From My Senior Level Finance Class in College.”

“I Believe One of the Main Reasons Behind My Successful Recruitment Efforts Was BIWS.”

“I Was So Impressed With the Interview Guide, That I Purchased the Oil and Gas Modeling Tutorial.”

“Completing the FIG Modeling Course Was Instrumental to Transitioning into Equity Research.”

“I Ended Up With More Interviews Than Classmates Who Were More Qualified.”

“The Course Pertaining to Interviews Was Essential For Me in Landing an Internship Position at a Bulge Bracket Bank.”

“It’s an Easy System to Use and Has Given Me Confidence in Interviews.”

“The Mergers & Inquisitions Website, In Addition to the BIWS Modeling Packages, Were Invaluable to My Recruiting Efforts.”

“I Really Benefited Hugely From the Website.”

“Your Products Provide the Best Information Out There.”

“The Offers Ended Up Coming In So Fast I Didn’t Even Have Time to Apply to a Lot of Other Places…”

“I Am a Step Ahead of the Other Trainee Analysts in Model Building and Have Hit the Ground Running.”

“BIWS is the Best Value Proposition to Learn Financial Modeling.”

“I Was Able to Prove My Skills When Needed.”

“The Interview Guide is Perfect for Preparing Any Interview.”

“An Amazing Tool to Increase Your Chances to Get Into Investment Banking.”

“A Great Resource Both For Novices… And Existing Excel Users… Who Want to Take Their Excel Expertise to a Higher Level.”

“This is the Best Experience (Hands Down) That I’ve Had With an Online Service.”

“Going Into an Interview Without This Course Immediately Puts You at a Great Disadvantage.”

“I Feel a Lot More Confident of Breaking into the Investment Banking/Asset Management Industry.”

“These Courses Will Keep You Alive in Your First Years of Banking.”

“I Learned More From BIWS Than All of My Accounting and Finance Courses in University.”

“I Can Honestly Say That My Investment in Your Program Yielded Fantastic ROI.”

“I Find the BIWS Materials Very Helpful to Give Me a Thorough Understanding of Finance in a Nutshell and Focus on What is Important for Breaking into the Finance Industry.”

“Your Courses Are by Far the Easiest to Follow and to Stick to.”

“Your Websites Have Given Me the Tools to Effectively Network and be Prepared for Interviews.”

“Without This Tutorial for I-Banking I Probably Would Have Gotten Fired.”

“The Excel, PowerPoint and Valuation Courses Basically Broke Me into Consulting.”

“A CFA May Teach You the Theory, But BIWS Teaches You the Practice.”

“It’s Been Great Value For Money and I’ve Recommended BIWS to a Lot of Friends Who Want to Enter Investment Banking.”

“I Have Been Able to Advance Far Beyond My Peer Group.”

“Breaking Into Wall Street Has Given Me a Very Well Needed Crash Course in What the People on the Opposite Side of the Table From Me Are Looking At.”

“The BIWS Courses I Took Helped Me Significantly in Different Ways.”

“They Helped Me More Than Finance Courses That I Had Taken in my MBA Program.”

“Arguably the iPad of the Industry!”

“I Recommend It to Anyone Looking to Take the Next Step Towards a Career in Investment Banking or Finance.”

“I Basically Got All Industry Knowledge From You Guys.”

“I Did the Entire Program in a Week and Got the Job.”

“BIWS Has Great Learning Material That Isn’t Taught in Universities.”

“BIWS Gave Me the Knowledge and Confidence to Do My Job Effectively.”

“They Are Much Better Than What I’m Currently Learning in School.”