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Traditional Financial Modeling Courses Are Broken

In-person classroom training is not an efficient way to acquire complex modeling skills in a short time frame.

You can only move as quickly as the slowest student, and too much time is spent explaining the basics and ensuring that everyone is on the same page (literally).

And simply uploading a video of classroom training and calling it an "online course" doesn't solve the problem - it just makes for a boring course.

You need a dedicated online training platform that allows you to master the concepts at your own pace, using accelerated learning techniques.

Introducing a Completely New Pathway to Financial Modeling Mastery

Breaking Into Wall Street is the leading provider of dedicated online training courses for aspiring investment bankers and ambitious professionals who want to master it as quickly as possible.

Our training is different because it's based on real companies and real deals - not boring textbook theory.

Rather than just "watching" the lessons, you become an active participant by following our proprietary B.A.S.E.S. learning methodology - so you master the material in short order.

You also benefit from certifications on all our modeling courses, lifetime access and updates, 365-day-per-year expert support, and an active community of tens of thousands of peers to enhance your results.

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Financial Modeling & Career Training Courses

  • Investment Banking Interview Guide

    Land investment banking offers by mastering the concepts and practicing with over 500 questions and answers, plus interactive quizzes. View Course

  • IB Networking Toolkit

    Dominate your cold calls, informational interviews, and weekend trips, and win offers. Email templates, scripts, and more. View Course

  • Excel & Modeling Fundamentals

    Learn Excel, accounting, valuation, and fundamentals modeling from the ground up via 10+ global case studies of potential buy-side investments, M&A deals, and leveraged buyouts. View Course

  • Advanced Financial Modeling

    Learn advanced modeling via a case study of Microsoft and Yahoo, real SEC filings, and equity research from Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. View Course

  • BIWS Premium

    Learn Excel and financial modeling via 10+ global case studies and gain Advanced Modeling skills at the same time. View Course

  • Bank Modeling

    Master bank accounting, valuation, M&A, and buyouts with 4 global case studies based on Shawbrook, KeyCorp / First Niagara, ANZ, and the Philippine Bank of Communications. View Course

  • Oil & Gas Modeling

    Master oil & gas valuation, M&A modeling, and a complex NAV model via case studies of Ultra Petroleum and Exxon Mobil's $41 billion acquisition of XTO Energy. View Course

  • Real Estate Financial Modeling

    Master financial modeling for real estate development and private equity and REITs with 8 short case studies and 9 in-depth ones based on real properties as well as companies like AvalonBay. View Course

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“I Make Your Videos Mandatory Viewing for Any New Members I Bring onto the Fund.”

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