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We regularly receive emails from students and professionals looking for additional discounts, coupon codes, and special deals on the Breaking Into Wall Street courses.

So here's the truth: we do NOT offer standing coupons or discount codes to individuals. If someone offers that to you, that person is lying, trying to trick you, or is simply misinformed.

This is a direct message from me (Brian DeChesare) - the creator of all the courses on this site. I determine all the policies here and I am telling you directly that this is our policy on coupons and discount codes.

With that said, you can still save on the courses and get better deals in several ways:

  • Sign Up For Our Newsletter
    Occasionally, we do run special time-limited promotions and special offers when we launch new courses or new versions of existing courses. Sign up for the Banker Blueprint newsletter to receive early notification of these promotions .
  • Become A BIWS Member [Save $50 On Individual Courses]
    BIWS Members receive $50 off all individual courses offered here. To become a BIWS Member, simply sign up for one of our paid courses. Once you have signed up and have logged into the site, click on "Courses" and you will be directed to the discounted course sign-up page.
  • Sign Up For A Package Deal [Save Up To 35%]
    If you're interested in more than one course, you can save up to 35% by signing up for one of the package deals offered below:
  • Special Pricing For Firms And Universities [Save Up To 35%+]
    We offer significant discounts on all our courses for university and MBA classes and registered student groups, as well as banks and other finance firms, based on purchase volume. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to prepare a quote.

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