About Breaking Into Wall Street

Want to Land Lucrative Positions at Investment Banks, Private Equity Firms, and Hedge Funds?

Then you need to know financial modeling like the back of your hand. Just one problem: other training companies might teach you the formulas, but they don't teach you how to use the financial models in real life.

Breaking Into Wall Street offers a completely different approach to financial modeling by teaching you how to use it to make investment recommendations and advise clients - in other words, you learn how to put all those Excel files to use in real life, the same way you do when working in the finance industry.

Our courses are based on case studies where you have to advise a client, make an investment recommendation, or decide whether or not a deal makes sense - and the coverage is global, including companies and assets across five continents (Africa is still missing - one day, one day...).

Our proven training covers:

  • Hedge Fund/Asset Management Stock Pitches
  • Investment Banking Pitch Books
  • Private Equity Investment Recommendations
  • Equity Research Reports
  • Real Estate Private Equity
  • Growth Equity Investment Recommendations
  • Accounting and 3-Statement Modeling
  • Valuation and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis
  • Merger Models and Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Models
  • And more...

We teach you everything you need to know to win interviews at banks, PE firms, and hedge funds, get hired, and then succeed once you're on the job. Students who have invested in our training have achieved significant results – and you can read about them right here.

The investment banker training you receive from Breaking Into Wall Street is:

  • Created by experts
  • Built around your success
  • Sensibly priced
  • Backed by a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee
  • Entertaining and easy to digest
  • Based on real companies and deals

The training is all based on case studies featuring real companies, assets, and M&A deals:

  • Excel & Fundamentals: Wal-Mart, Atlassian, EasyJet, Vivendi, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Jos. A. Bank / Men's Wearhouse, Suntory / Beam, Carlyle / 7 Days Inn, Apollo / Chuck E. Cheese's, Kakao / Daum, and Netflix
  • Advanced Financial Modeling: Microsoft / Yahoo!
  • Real Estate & REIT Modeling: Avalon Bay, The Lyric (Seattle), 45 Milk Street (Boston), and V:House (São Paulo)
  • Bank & Financial Institution Modeling: Shawbrook and JP Morgan / SunTrust Banks
  • Oil & Gas Modeling: Exxon Mobil / XTO Energy and Ultra Petroleum

Everything is based on corporate filings, industry research, investor presentations, and other sources such as equity research, so we use real data to back up the models and tutorials offered on the site.

Contributors Come from Investment Banking, Private Equity, and More

Brian DeChesare. Brian created Mergers & Inquisitions based on his experiences starting Internet-based businesses, working in technology, and then in the investment banking world. He has been a featured speaker on business, finance, and recruiting at leading universities and business schools around the world.

BJ Hansen. BJ worked in Mergers and Acquisitions, then in private equity, and graduated from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He is currently working in private equity.

Nicole Lee. Nicole has worked in investment banking, private banking, and institutional sales, and heads our coaching / resume editing and customer support teams.

James Wallace. James was formerly a corporate finance analyst at a Big 4 accounting firm. He currently assists with the technical side of our investment banker training at BIWS.

Peter Yu. Peter is a former management consultant-turned-M&A-banker who also assists with technical question support on BIWS. He’s also a co-founder of The GMAT Pill, an innovative online video approach to the GMAT exam.

We’re Also Excited to Work with These Accomplished Advisers

Jerry Chi. Jerry worked in equities and fixed income trading in Tokyo, and then left to start his own prop trading firm in Beijing, where he successfully grew the company and eventually sold it. He graduated from The Lauder Institute at Wharton, and is currently a Financial Analyst at Google.

Ed Fu. Ed is a venture capitalist and Harvard Business School graduate. Before that, he was an engineer and technology investment banker.

Kevin Gao. Kevin created Management Consulted, the web’s leading resource for management consulting. He worked at McKinsey, and then Shopkick and Hyperink following his time in consulting.

Eric Hu. Eric defied the odds to break into investment banking coming from the “non-target” school of UCSD. Since finishing his time in banking, he has worked in corporate development and private equity.

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