How 3 Clients Won 6 IB and PE Job Offers

What You’ll Learn In This Video

In this video, you’ll learn how 3 clients won 6 IB and PE offers – even though they didn’t have the typical finance backgrounds you might expect, and despite the fact that they had limited modeling experience before enrolling in the courses here.

Hey there,

In this video I’m going to finish up that story of Jessica, David, and Chris that I began in the first video in this series (what you saw right after you signed up).

Just as a recap, here’s where they were coming from:

-Jessica: University student with no on-campus recruiting and no finance background

-David: MBA student at a top-tier program – but no finance experience

-Chris: Years of Big 4 tax / legal experience – but not much modeling experience

And yet, they all won offers in investment banking and private equity.

Watch the video above, and you’ll see exactly how they used the Breaking Into Wall Street courses to do that – plus how lots of other customers have found success using the lessons here.

To read even more success stories, check out our Happy Customers page as well.

Coming up next, you’ll get a full tour of the courses on the site, learn what sets BIWS apart from other financial modeling programs, and learn how to save $97 when you sign up for our Premium package.


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