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This portal is designed to give you a free demonstration of our courses. The demo includes actual lessons, so you can see exactly how our courses work and how easy it will be for your students to master real-world financial modeling skills and gain “virtual deal experience”, boosting confidence and job-hunting success before and after graduation.

Our platform enables each student to progress at his or her own pace, with access to unlimited lifetime support and a community of 22,981+ fellow students – all for a fraction of the cost of other training alternatives.

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Improve your students' confidence and job-hunting success before and after graduation

BIWS Builds a Bridge from the Classroom to the Finance Industry. In investment banking and finance interviews, applicants are expected to demonstrate more than just academic achievement – they must understand how to analyze, value and model companies in real-life.

BIWS prepares students to demonstrate this in-depth understanding of financial modeling concepts during interviews. And banks tend to hire applicants who have demonstrated that they can “hit the ground running,” because they don’t want to spend months training new hires.

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Breaking Into Wall Street Demonstration Portal

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