Excellence with Excel – Cleaning Up Data

This video will teach you how to clean up poorly formatted data in Excel – a very common scenario when you’re working with clients in finance.

Shortcuts Introduced:

  • Alt + D + E: Text to Columns
  • =TRIM: Remove Extra Spaces
  • =PROPER: Fix Capitalization
  • Alt + E + S + F: Paste Formulas
  • Alt + E + S + V: Paste Values

Note: If you are having trouble with getting the correct values to show up when pasting the =PROPER formula down, press F9 to refresh your worksheet. Also, go to Options (Alt + T + O) and then Formulas in Excel 2007 / 2010 / 2013 or Calculation in Excel 2003 and make sure calculations are set to “Automatic” rather than “Manual.”

How to Download These Files:

  • In Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer:
    Right click the link and click Save Link As...

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  • In Safari:
    Right click the link and click Download Linked File As...

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