Investment Banking Interview Guide: Program Outline

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Here's How to Gain An 'Unfair Advantage' Over Other Candidates in Investment Banking Interviews – Without Memorizing Hundreds of Repetitive Questions and Answers

The secret to success in banking interviews is NOT memorizing canned responses that interviewers have heard a million times before. Interview success comes from understanding WHY bankers ask certain questions, and knowing the responses they WANT to hear

The Investment Banking Interview Guide teaches you everything you need to know to land investment banking offers. Here’s the summary of what you get, and what the guide will do for you:

  • 111+ pages of instruction, diagrams, and screenshots that teach you the concepts – so you’re not just memorizing questions and answers.
  • 127 pages of detailed guidance on all “fit” questions and answers... you’ll learn the answers, but more importantly, you’ll learn how to think about them in the first place.
  • 326+ interactive quiz questions and answers... so you can test yourself and ensure that you master all the concepts along the way instead of just reading passively.
  • Over 500 interview questions & answers – including 308 industry-specific questions & answers on financial institutions (FIG), real estate, and oil, gas & mining.
  • 5 sample interview discussions and 2 sample “deal discussions” so that you can land IB and PE offers by telling great stories about the deals you’ve worked on.
  • 15 “story” templates you can modify and use to walk through your resume in interviews – regardless of what your background is – along with a video tutorial for each one.
  • You receive instant access when you sign up because everything is delivered online – plus, free lifetime updates and support are included.

What Others Are Saying About Our Interview Guide...

"I bought the interview guide sometime in December...
managed to land an offer at Goldman Sachs"

I can only say thank to you. I bought the interview guide sometime in December, and I have managed to land an offer at Goldman Sachs IBD for the summer. I have to say that I am 100% satisfied with you product, and would like to know which other product would be recommended to fully prepare me for my summer internship?

I know the internship is going to be tough because from what I've heard, the conversion rate at GS is very low. That's why I think I will need to brush my accounting, finance, and financial modeling skills before the internship start itself. I have a full month to prepare for it so no timing issues here. I just want to get best product out there in the market, and I totally believe in your product.

"I Landed an Offer at a PE Firm with 6 Billion AUM and a Fast-Growing Presence in Mid-Market PE."

I worked at a well-known North American investment bank and a few months after placing at the top of my class in first year, a potential PE opportunity unexpectedly popped up.

With limited time, I bought your interview guide and advanced modeling course as refresher. I also used some of your resume pointers. I was up against it as someone with only 14 months of experience, but five interviews later, I landed an offer at a firm with 6 billion AUM and a fast-growing presence in mid-market PE – it’s an awesome place to be. I didn’t do a case study but was asked some random PE-style, advanced interview questions which, if botched, would likely have automatically eliminated me. I remember one interview in particular where I was asked about specifics of modeling PIK debt and while I’d been exposed to it during banking, the interview guide allowed me to have an impressive, succinct answer at the tip of my tongue.

I just wanted to thank you – you were a great help!

"With the Help of Your Guide, I’ve Already Got 2 M&A Boutique internships under My Belt and Next Summer I’ll Be with JPM IBD London for 12 Weeks Followed by 5 Weeks with Greenhill London."

I’ve purchased the basic interview guide and it has been a trusted companion for about a year now and I’ve recommended it to many. Even the basic questions in all sections go to depths that none of my +20 interviews have ever gone to, nevertheless I feel that it’s all been very relevant and helpful.

I’m a 2nd year undergrad student at LSE. With the help of your guide, I’ve already 2 M&A boutique internships under my belt and next summer I’ll be with JPM IBD London for 12 weeks followed by 5 weeks with Greenhill London.

Module 1: How to Tell Your Story
  • In this module, you'll learn the 5 key elements of your "story" for investment banking interviews, and you'll learn what to say and what to avoid.
  • You'll also get 15 sample "story" templates for interviewees from different backgrounds – finance, non-finance, undergraduate, MBA-level, and then more specific situations such as moving from investment banking to private equity, going from the back office to the front office, law or liberal arts to finance, and more.
  • In addition to the templates themselves, you'll also get a video tutorial for each one that explains how to use and modify the template for use in your own interviews.
Module 2: How to Discuss Deals in Interviews
  • This module will teach you how to properly discuss deals and transaction experience in investment banking interviews.
  • You can listen to the sample deal discussions and audio clips here for sell-side and buy-side M&A deals, and then review the video critiques of each one.
  • Although these discussions take place in the context of investment banking interviews, you can apply the same strategies to discussing your transaction experience in private equity, hedge fund, and corporate development interviews as well.
Module 3: Sample Investment Banking Interviews
  • In this module, you'll get to listen to examples of investment banking interviews with candidates from a variety of backgrounds – finance, non-finance, undergraduate, and MBA.
  • In addition to learning how interview questions differ depending on your background and how to answer them appropriately, you can also review the video critique and analysis that accompanies each sample interview.
  • While learning individual questions and answers is helpful, it's no substitute for listening to real interviews and learning exactly what each person did correctly and what could use improvement – which is why we created this module.
Module 4: Questions, Answers, and Rules of Thumb
  • 100+ pages of rules of thumb for the technical questions, along with detailed explanations and sample “good” answers for 127+ fit questions.
  • 412+ technical questions and answers on accounting, valuation, merger models, and LBO models.
  • 254+ industry-specific questions and answers on real estate and REITs, oil & gas and mining, and commercial banks and insurance.
  • You’ll also get a Quick Start Guide and Interview Action Plan to get started preparing as quickly as possible – even if you only have 4 hours left before your interview.
Module 5: Excel Models and Video Tutorials
  • You’ll get comprehensive practice with all the technical question topics that could come up in interviews with the sample Excel models and video tutorials in this module.
  • Includes Excel models designed to help you answer questions on Accounting, Equity Value & Enterprise Value, Valuation & DCF, the Merger Model, and the LBO Model.
  • Use these models and the video tutorials that go along with them in conjunction with the Rules of Thumb for all the technical topics, and refer to them as you move through the written technical guides.
Module 6: Interactive Quizzes
  • Includes 326+ interactive quiz questions on all technical topics: Accounting, Equity Value & Enterprise Value, Valuation, the DCF, the Merger Model, and the LBO Model.
  • Questions are split into Basic and Advanced levels, and you’ll receive your score on each quiz as soon as you finish taking it.
  • You can also view the full answer keys and explanations for all the quizzes – for your reference when reviewing and preparing for interviews.

Our Promise To You...

  • Get Immediate Access. The instant you sign up, you'll have immediate access to 127+ questions with model answers, 12 Interactive Quizzes, 5 Sample Interviews and 2 Sample “Deal Discussions."
  • Unlimited, 365-Day Per Year Support. We have a team of experienced bankers standing by to respond to your questions, comments, and emails 365 days per year, for as long as you need.
  • Money-Back Guarantee. Breaking Into Wall Street is the first and only financial modeling training program that comes with an unconditional 12-Month Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Test Yourself. After completing the full course material, you can test yourself and prepare for real interviews with our challenging interactive quizzes – these are harder than real interview questions, so you’ll be doubly prepared.

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