Breaking Into Wallstreet Mergers and Inquisitions
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  • Detailed explanations over 100+ pages, advice on how to prepare examples in advance and on how to structure your responses for the 15 most important categories of "fit" questions you need to know…
  • 127+ questions and model answers for every single one of them so that you can see exactly what to say (and perhaps more importantly, what not to say).
  • 12 Interactive Quizzes on all technical question topics, to accelerate your understanding and ability to respond easily and accurately.
  • 5 Excel models – for answering Accounting, Equity & Enterprise Value, Valuation and DCF, Merger Model, and LBO Model questions – and 9 video tutorials to go along with them.
  • Expert support from current and former bankers, 365-days per year
  • Instant access to all course content as soon as you enroll.
  • Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee for an entire 12 months!
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BIWS Gave Me the Knowledge and Confidence to Do My Job Effectively.

“Given that I don’t have ‘typical’ background in IB and PE, BIWS game me the knowledge and confidence to do my job effectively on par (or close to it) with my work peer group. I am a visual learner, so utilising the videos side-by side with my own Excel and PowerPoint files was a great way for me to learn at a fraction of the cost of Master’s degree or other Wall Streel training program. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and for using relevant and interesting examples!”