Industry-Specific Modeling Client Success Stories

In this video, you’ll learn how the industry-specific courses offered on Breaking Into Wall Street will help you break into the industry, advance on the job, and even train your incoming employees. You’ll hear the stories of Jason, Tony, and Peter, who all came from different backgrounds and who used the courses here to break in, advance, or train their team.

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In this video I’m going to tell you the stories of 3 clients who all came from different backgrounds and who used our industry-specific modeling courses for different purposes:

-Jason: Career changer from a non-profit background who used the oil & gas course to help with his job search in Latin America.

-Tony: Real estate development professional with 10+ years of experience who used the real estate course to transition into a new role at work.

-Peter: Managing Director who had spent 20+ years covering financial institutions; he signed up for the bank modeling course to see if he could use it to train his new analysts and associates.

Let’s face it: if you’re reading this and watching these videos right now, you want to accomplish one or more of the following:

1) Break into the industry – if you’re a student or career changer.

2) Advance within the industry or move into a different role if you’ve already been working for some time.

3) Train new members of your team to save yourself time and money and get everyone up to speed more quickly.

Watch the video above, and you’ll see exactly how Jason, Tony, and Peter used the Breaking Into Wall Street courses to do all of the above – plus how lots of other customers have found success using the lessons here.

To read even more success stories, check out our Happy Customers page as well.

Coming up next, you’ll get a full tour of the courses on the site, learn what sets BIWS apart from other financial modeling programs, and learn how to save $244 when you sign up for our Industry-Specific Bundle.


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