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Investment Banking Scholarship

Write a killer pitch and stand out from the crowd

Breaking into a lucrative career in investment banking is the dream you’ve been working toward. Yet, you face that age-old challenge: How do you demonstrate experience and ability when you’re still finishing your degree? Our essay competition offers an award that will make interviewers sit up and take notice.

The winner gets access to our Platinum course - well known and respected by financial firms around the world. You also get a $1000 kick start and kudos in the BIWS Facebook and Twitter. So if you’re studying and looking to bridge the gap between the classroom and the finance industry… then this scholarship is for you.

Scholarship At A Glance

Available To:

  • Full time
  • Part time students

Additional Requirements:

  • Currently studying
  • One submission per person
  • 700 word essay on topic

You must be between 16 to 34 years of age. You must be currently enrolled at an educational institution. The most suitable essay will be granted the award.

Award Value:

  • Platinum Training worth $1197
  • $1000 USD Kick Start

Application Close:

  • Oct 31, 2016
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Scholarship Administered By

  • Breaking Into Wall Street
  • M&I Mergers and Inquisitions

Contact Details

How to Enter

Submit a 700 word essay that either:

  • Showcases the details of recent M&I deal
  • Pitches a stock that you think is a smart investment right now

Creating Your Winning Entry

Imagine your boss has instructed you to write up a pitch for a prestigious new client the firm wants to land. You don’t want to come on so strong that you sound pushy, but you want to sound compelling enough that the client is impressed with your market insight.

Remember, simple is best. Stay away from jargon, acronyms and abbreviations. Never assume your reader understands technical terms. Don’t be afraid to share an opinion, but be sure you back it up with fact.

Picture the reader in your ‘mind’s-eye’ and write to that one person. The more you’re focused on one person, instead of a group, the more impact your message will deliver.

Finally, have fun, use a little creativity and don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Here are a couple resources to help you get started:

Good luck!

Why You Want to Win (as if we need to tell you!)

Our goal is to help you achieve yours. Let’s face it – competition in the Investment Banking field is fierce. You need job offers from top firms and our course prepares you for your interviews and your career, then it goes on to support you as you accept a position and move through the ranks in your ideal career. This is the best way we know of to fill your ‘experience gap’ and build your confidence and real-life skills.

Your interviewers – for key positions, including internships – are well aware how extremely prepared candidates who have taken our courses are. Notch it up a level by earning a scholarship and they’ll recognize not only your expertise and competitive nature, but they’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re committed, hungry – and incredibly knowledgeable.


The award will be full access to our Breaking into Wall Street Platinum course, which is far and away the most comprehensive course to win you job offers and crush your competition in the bargain. BIWS Platinum gives you the bleeding edge advantage to break into and advance within investment banking, private equity, and hedge funds. We also include a $1000 USD kick start (maybe to buy a killer suit).

About BIWS

Breaking Into Wall Street is the first and only interactive training platform that allows students to master real-world financial modeling skills and gain "virtual deal experience" while still in school, boosting confidence and job-hunting success before and after graduation.

Our Courses Are Currently Used By Students And Professionals At These Leading Institutions And Companies

  • BIWS Builds a Bridge from the Classroom to the Finance Industry In investment banking and finance interviews, applicants are expected to demonstrate more than just academic achievement – they must understand how to analyze, value and model companies in real-life. BIWS prepares students to demonstrate this in-depth understanding of financial modeling concepts during interviews. And banks tend to hire applicants who have demonstrated that they can "hit the ground running," because they don't want to spend months training new hires.
  • Real-Life "Virtual Deal Experience" Complements University Studies BIWS training uses real-life case studies based on actual companies such as Apple, Microsoft, JPMorgan, Avalon Bay and more. The Advanced Financial Modeling and Industry-Specific Modeling courses are based on real deals, such as Exxon Mobil's $41 billion acquisition of XTO Energy and Microsoft's proposed $44 billion acquisition of Yahoo!.Students will be able to impress employers by backing up their academic credentials with solid "virtual deal experience." We also add bonus case studies based on recent deals periodically.


  • You must be between 16 to 34 years of age, and be able to provide proof in the form of appropriate photo identification or birth certificate, at the discretion of BIWS.
  • You cannot be a friend or relative of any BIWS Scholarship Program Staff.


All entries will be read and judged by Brian DeChesare (Owner). The winner will be notified by email on Oct 31, 2016 and officially announced on the BIWS Scholarship Facebook page and website.

We’ll share some of your ideas as we read through the entries and announce three finalists 24 hours before we reveal the selected applicant on Facebook; so don’t forget to Like us for competition updates.

Note: By entering, you agree that BIWS Scholarship can (at its discretion) choose to publish any material you provide in relation to the competition on any format and at any time. You acknowledge that some or all of your entry may be used in the production of future marketing material and content for BIWS Scholarship.


  • Submit to the form below
  • Entries must be received by 5pm on Oct 31, 2016.